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We are actively seeking individuals with backgrounds in construction and engineering to contribute valuable guest posts to our website, (Construction community)

By consistently sharing your insights and knowledge with the millions of monthly readers on SAMJADES, you not only establish trust but position yourself as a subject matter expert in the eyes of your audience.

Build Recognition as an Expert in Your Field:

Our platform is designed for industry specialists and enthusiasts like you to share your expertise, contributing to your credibility in two significant ways:

  1. Publication on SAMJADES: A globally recognized authority for construction and civil engineering-related information, visited by millions of readers annually.
  2. Authoritative Resource: Your published articles become a resource to showcase your expertise when connecting with prospective partners, employees, and clients, solidifying your position as a knowledgeable professional within the SAMJADES community.

What Should You Write About?

Explore any construction-related topic, regardless of scale, that would offer an informative reading experience for construction and engineering professionals. Our primary objective on samjades is to inform, engage, and inspire both new and aspiring members of the community.

Does your guest post meet our requirements? Consider the following:

  1. Does your article impart a technique useful for work in construction or civil engineering?
  2. Does your article provide relevant information about a specific aspect of the building process?
  3. Does your article inform on a current issue or resource that some community members may be unaware of but should be?
  4. Does your article offer a “how-to” guide for navigating a common yet complex situation?

Simple Main Guidelines:

Kindly review our guest post guidelines below for construction and civil engineering-related content on the samjdes community:

  1. Previously Unpublished
  2. Submitted as a Google Document (include the link to your draft in the application form)
  3. 1000-2000 Words Minimum
  4. Free of Selling, Promotion, Vendor Recommendations, Political Leanings, and Religion
  5. May Include 2-3 High-Resolution Commercial Use Images Related to Your Post

Once submitted, your article will be reviewed within 5 business days. If you don’t receive a response, unfortunately, your submission was not selected.

You’re Published!

Once your article is live, ensure it reaches the right audience with these recommendations:

  1. Add your article title and link to your email signature.
  2. Include the link in your next company newsletter.
  3. Email the article to your staff and stakeholders.
  4. Create a plan to share it across all social media channels consistently over several weeks/months.

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